Everyone is (Still) Gay


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

How do your fans react?
When I was growing up the acceptable homosexual ambiguity was girls making out with each other. And now kids are writing fanfiction about guys making out with each other -- that's pretty hot, that's sweet. Guys making out with each other was never considered cool or hot.

And there seem to be a thousand videos on YouTube of girls goading emo boys into making out at parties.
That's fucking awesome. I remember growing up there was this hardcore band from Florida called A New Kind of American Saint, and they had in their artwork this one dude from the band who just fucking put everyone else's dicks in his mouth! And he was totally not gay, but I thought that was so rad. And do you remember the Through Being Cool artwork by Saves the Day? Remember how it was like, where's Dave? They copied the whole thing, and at the end and it was like, oh, he's getting his dick sucked by some other dude! And also Propagandhi -- they were this super progressive band, and all these frat dudes started getting into them. There's this fucking amazing song on their second album. The lyrics in one are insane -- it's like a mosh song about being gay. I don't even think he was gay, he was just trying to scare off homophobes.

You're signed to Pete Wentz's label, Decaydance. Do you two talk about this kind of shit?
We don't talk about shit at all. Our vibe is kind of the same. We're coming from the same place. It's not about being gay or not. But I've been called a fag by homophobic kids, and then I've been called homophobic by super PC people. It's almost like you can't win on that. I consider myself to be a very liberal person. But in my view political correctness is like neo-conservatism. What modern liberalism does is make you look in the mirror and say how amazing you are. My vibe is, you should look onto a blank slate and project. It shouldn't matter what you see. It's hard for me because the emo scene is so big on how you feel -- for me, it's all bullshit. It should be about making progress, and progress can't be made if everyone's crying about how they're offended. A lot of my friends are gay, and we all call each other "fag." For me, that kind of talk is funny -- it doesn't really matter. It shouldn't matter. But some people get offended by that. I got an email saying, "I can't believe Cobra Starship is homophobic and use that kind of language." I have to be careful about what I say, because people might take it the wrong way. [Pauses] How do you feel about that kind of language?

I say "fag" way more than most people I know. But I try hard not to say it in a shitty way or ever use it as an insult.
People are so sensitive about things in our culture, so people feel like to do right by everyone else they have to walk on eggshells. And one of the things that happens is that people end up getting repressed, so you don't want to even mention that this person you know is gay, because it might be considered an insult. That just leads to weirdness, and anger, and hatred. People ask me all the time if I'm gay. And maybe if I was gay I would have more of a problem saying it. Maybe -- I don't know. If anything, I have a problem sometimes saying that I'm not gay, you know? I feel like I'm letting them down sometimes.