Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Wednesday, July 2: Spanning 11 days, the Toronto Fringe Festival is a theater-goer's paradise. Not only will there be nearly 125 theatrical productions to behold in more than 25 venues, there's also dancing, drinking, and revelry in the streets of Canada. With one-man shows, musicals, ensemble dramas, and unusually staged performances in spaces like playgrounds and parking lots, there's something for everyone (even the tots). See Ladylike, featuring Canada's most renowned trans performer, Nina Arsenault. Consult the entire roster of Fringe productions next week here.

Thursday, July 3: When it comes to reality dance series, So You Think You Can Dance is the queen -- and you should be tuning in now, still early in the season, so you can say you knew all along that cutie Mark was going to win. Check out Katee and Joshua's top 20 performance of Jordin Sparks's "No Air" here. As soon as SYTYCD is over, switch over to CBS and catch a new episode of Swingtown, where it's the '70s and the times they are a-changin', in the way of drugs and casual group sex. Drop the keys in the bowl, ladies and gents. See a trailer here.