Out @ Warped Tour



Advanced Class:

The Bouncing Souls: If you're lucky enough to catch these guys on tour, make sure you're Red Bulled-up in preparation. These Jersey boys brought pogo back. For those following along at home, make sure to check out 'Candy' and their cover of 'I Know What Boys Like.'

HorrorPops: Pop punk meets psychobilly, and a good time is had by all. Lead singer Patricia Day's sultry voice pulls you in, and the catchy tunes and rocking beat don't let go. A fantastic live band and a great addition to the tour.

Reel Big Fish: Ska punk in the best of the SoCal tradition, these third-wavers are a multi-generational guilty pleasure. Admitting to a familiarity with their discography may not win you any street cred, but it does show you know how to have a good time.

Don't Miss:

Against Me!: Florida anarcho-punk at its hard-rocking finest. Tom Gabel and his merry band of brothers uphold the finest in punk tradition, marrying relevant and biting lyrics with a driving beat that resonates from your head to your heart to your toes. Side bonus: They're cute, too.

Anberlin: Hauntingly gorgeous harmonies, meet compelling and thoughtful lyrics. Anberlin's third full-length release, Cities, has impeccable guitar work and along with lead singer Stephen Christian's clear voice and clearer vision, this band is well-poised for the success their talent merits.

Motion City Soundtrack: Unabashedly intelligent, nakedly confessional, and quirkily adorable -- that goes for both the music and the band. The members of Motion City Soundtrack wear their hearts on their sleeves and they work it like nobody's business.

Chicks Rule:

Katy Perry: Exploding onto the scene with her delightfully naughty 'UR So Gay,' and 2008's smash follow-up 'I Kissed A Girl' -- both months before her debut album was even released -- Ms. Perry's warm bright voice is the only thing about her that's still gospel-pure. And guess what? We like it. [Read Out.com's interview with Perry here.]

Charlotte Sometimes: While the stage name comes from a children's book, her rich smooth vocals are anything but childish. The combination of artless vulnerability and sophisticated melody makes Charlotte Sometimes a pleasure without a hint of guilt.

Paige Wood: Brigitte Bardot by way of Joan Jett, this glossy blonde crooner knows when edge is more satisfying than polish. The breathy insinuating purr and eccentric jazzy orchestration of 'Repetition' will leave you hungry to experience it all over again.

Be Your Own Pet: Delivering cheerfully snotty lyrics with a classic '70s punk flavor, Jemima Pearl's vocals are reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney or Cadallaca. If you're looking for candy-bright melody with an twist of crude to cut the sweetness, look no further.