Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Saturday, June 21: R.E.M. returns to their home state, a mere hour from Athens, the band's birthplace, to blow out the Lakewood Amphitheatre with the help of Modest Mouse and The National. When they formed 27 years ago, Michael Stipe (above) and company were underground college radio heroes before their first big hit in '87, "The One I Love"), pulled them into the mainstream. Fourteen albums later and they're still productive, evidenced by this year's return to form, Accelerate. The other bands are just the sweet and tasty icing on the cake. Get your tickets here.

Sunday, June 22: Imagine if Bert and Ernie grew up and lived through their late 20s in the East Village. Also, they sing songs about porn, racism, unemployment, a useless college degree, and being gay. There you have the hilarious musical Avenue Q, which debuted on Broadway in the summer of 2003 and killed at the Tony Awards. The show's success has spawned productions in Las Vegas and London, and now a tour. Check out tonight's Seattle perf by getting your tickets here. (After Seattle, Q passes through Portland, Ft. Worth, and Charlotte. Get the full schedule here and listen to a sampling of the show's songs here.