Let Them Eat Beat


By Jason Lamphier

"Into the Nightlife" is the new single, right?
Yes, I wanted to take a snapshot of the time that I was living. It's bips and bops of real-life things I do. You do sit around late at night after the club in Chinatown -- because it's the only thing that's open -- and you're sitting there, opening your fortune cookie and having a heated discussion about life. The title was taken from a Henry Miller play, which I found out about when I was reading a Lawrence Ferlinghetti beat poetry book. The song is derivative of real literature.

Why did you decide to record the video for "Into the Nightlife" at [New York City gay club] Splash?
I used to go dancing there. I remembered they had showers and thought that would make a great picture with the water. They have a great dance floor and excellent [bathroom] stalls. I didn't want to have a typical dance video and avoid the cheese factor. [Musician and former gay porn star] Colton Ford is in it, and Lucas Silveira from the Cliks, and my friends.

Did Alan Cumming make it to the shoot? You used to go out with him a lot when you were in The Threepenny Opera.
He was away, but that's where the germ came from. I knew [after that show] I'd go back to my world and not be with them anymore, but I thought if I made some music that they'd be dancing to that we'd still be together.

Do you still make it out to the clubs?
It's funny. When you're on tour nobody sees you, but I'm a rock n' roller. I'm not a nun! What do you think I do?!

What's the craziest moment you've had so far during the True Colors Tour?
The B-52's are wild -- and the best band. Rosie O'Donnell is fan-tastic! She is now dancing and singing with us, as well as doing percussion.

What does she sing with you guys?
"Rocking Chair."

Will fans see you as Marie Antoinette again?
Well, for the parade, when I'm the grand marshal, I have to think of something. I gotta pull it together.

I'm thinking big, big hair.
Well, I got a headdress. What kinda grand marshal would I be without it? Not so grand.

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