Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Wednesday, June 4: Tonight, here! Tunes, the musical child of the gay television network, debuts its first artist and record with Stewart Lewis's In formation at a listening party in West Hollywood's House of Blues Foundation Room at 9pm. Lewis's songs have appeared on numerous TV shows and movies, including the recent here! hit Shelter, and his folksy ways have landed him supporting tour spots with the likes of Sheryl Crow and Ani DiFranco. Bonus: The show is free. Check out his debut's catchy first single, "Not a Love Song".

Thursday, June 5: Wow. A glance at the roster for NewFest's 2008 LGBT Film Festival, now in its 20th year, is awe-inspiring. The 10-day event includes documentaries, shorts, and features about families and love affairs from Beirut, Israel, Italy, France, Canada, Lebanon, and Japan. A little comic relief arrives in the form of Another Gay Sequel: Guys Gone Wild!; fashion gets a shout-out with a doc about Jay McCarroll's critical Eleven Minutes on the runway; Antarctica tells the story of friends and lovers in Israel; and pageant queens will get their fill with Pageant, the story of Miss Gay America. Yes, it's as outrageous as it sounds. Check out the festival guide and get your tickets here.