Once is Not Enough


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Max Greenfield, 28, has charmed the pants off girls and boys alike on Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty and now ABC Family's Greek, where this week he got to lock lips with his old friend, Paul James. [Read Out's interview with James here.] We talked with Greenfield about his -- and the network's -- first gay kiss, the towering babes of Betty and his grand plan to have the gayest resume on TV.

Out: Introduce us to your character on Greek.
Max Greenfield: I play Michael, a French teacher's assistant. People say, 'Oh, do you have an accent on the show?' And I say, 'No, no, no, I just teach French.' We get introduced -- Calvin, Paul [James]'s character and I -- through Amber Steven's character, Ashley. He's like, 'Why are you introducing us? Are we the only two gay guys you know on the planet?' Calvin's character on the show is not stereotypically gay at all, and I think I really went for it with Michael. So Calvin is being introduced to more of the gay culture through Michael, like going to the LGBT film festival, and they both seem really comfortable with their sexuality in different ways. We have a little bit of chemistry and decide, 'Hey, this actually works, and despite our differences we're gonna go for this.'

This week's episode had ABC Family's first -- and second -- gay kiss, right?
I think it is! Isn't there a reverend on [ABC Family on] Saturday mornings? A crazy reverend? I hope he gets all pissed off.

Have you ever played a gay character before?
No, this is the first one.

Paul told me you two were already friends.
Yeah, we've known each other for a couple years, and we see each other around. At the table read, he was like, 'Heyyy, what are you doing here?' And I was like 'Heyyy, I'm playing your boyfriend!'

So how was kissing Paul?
It was fine, you know. The anticipation of the thing is actually a lot more nerve-wracking than actually doing it.

How so?
Well, you start to over-think it. And of course because we know each other and have mutual friends, they kind of like to give us a little rub here and there, like getting text messages all day, 'How's that going?' I think it turned out really great. I heard from the producers that they really loved it. We had a great director for that episode.