The Gay Agenda


By Bill Chenevert

FLICK: Steven Spielberg is finally back behind the camera, as opposed to behind the checkbook, with the much-anticipated release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Friday, May 22. Harrison Ford dons the professorial hat for the fourth time, the last being 1989's Last Crusade! Though Ford does still look good for 65, we are most ultra-pumped to see Shia LaBeouf greased up and riding a motorcycle. He proved he could act with A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints and proved he was going to be really hot in Transformers. In Crystal Skull, LaBoeuf tags along with Indy to thwart an evil bitch incarnate in the form of Cate Blanchett who wants, what else, ancient mystical powers innate in a tribal relic. It's going to be awesome. Check out the trailer here.

TUNES: Two new discs are unveiled on May 20 to delight the eardrums of gay listeners everywhere: Mates of State's fifth album, Re-Arrange Us, and Jason Mraz's We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Mates of State are the husband/wife drums/organ duo whose indie pop sound is hard to believe comes from two people. There's so much energy and joy crammed into these ten songs with sporadic and guest guitar, horns and strings, you'll find hidden pockets of beauty the more you listen to it. Check out 'Get Better' here. Meanwhile, the simply precious and open-minded (you must read our Q&A with him here, he's kissed boys!) singer-songwriter is giving us a third album of brilliantly produced pop gems like "I'm Yours."