The Gay Agenda


By Bill Chenevert

PHILANTHROPIC FASHION: If you've been missing your Project Runway, this is your chance to see some outrageous (yet fabulous) fashion with unconventional materials get judged hard. On Thursday, May 15, you can catch Tulips & Panses: The Headdress Affair (above) and it supports a good cause; Village Care of New York, which provides essential healthcare for people living with HIV/AIDS. Hosted by Full Frontal Fashion's James Aguiar, honors of Most Beautiful and Most Outrageous will be bestowed on the creations of a long list of 'It' designers including Betsey Johnson, Alvin Alley and many more paired up with New York's finest floral gurus. Get your tickets here.

PAGES: May brings us some delights for the heart, eyes and brain. First, we can't wait to be challenged on how gay we really are with Joel Derfner's 'Swish: My Quest to Become The Gayest Person Ever' (May 13). When Joel was a little six year-old at summer camp and denied his due right to explore needlework and flower arranging classes, he made becoming the gayest person on Earth his personal mission: gay like aerobics instructor, go-go boy and musical theater professional gay. Send your friends a gay haiku, courtesy of Joel, here. For our more cerebral reads we turn to Arsenal Pulp Press for 'Peter Flinsch: The Body In Question' (May 1) for the amazing biography and works of a German Nazi who was jailed for kissing a boy but survived to become one of the bravest queer artists in history. Check out a gallery of his work here. And Terry Goldie delivers 'QueerSexLife,' (May 1) an autobiographical exploration of every queer theory in the book.