Jonathan Tucker Gets Dirty



Let's get something out of the way: Yes, you've seen Jonathan Tucker before. He's been in 17 movies, including The Virgin Suicides, the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and last year's In the Valley of Elah. He's also appeared on 10 television shows, most recently as the star of last year's The Black Donnellys. But it's his role in 2001's The Deep End that you're most likely to remember.

'I literally met [costar] Josh Lucas one afternoon, and the next day we're doing these intense sex scenes together. It was like, 'Um, hey, bro, we're going to have some gay sex scenes tomorrow. OK, cool. Nice to meet you,'' he laughs.

In The Deep End, Tucker played a 17-year-old caught up in his first gay relationship, a lethal entanglement with a notorious club owner played by Lucas, who sported a look straight out of 1970s Falcon videos for the role. Though Tucker was just 18 at the time, with few credits under his belt, he didn't hesitate to accept the part.

'I was never cautioned against taking that role by anyone,' he says. 'It's so hard for writers to create interesting, truthful roles for teenagers -- there are so many clich's and pitfalls. If the character happens to be gay, then inherently something interesting is going on. He's trying just to identify who he is as a man in the world, and then you've got his whole sexuality that he has to deal with. There's just great depth to that kind of character, and that really appealed to me.'