Instrumental Break


By Trish Bendix

Does it ever get tiring to be called a virtuoso?
It does because it doesn't feel very accurate. I wouldn't describe myself as that, but that's what they say.

So who is the revenge in the title Dreaming of Revenge against?
It's not me that's dreaming of revenge.

It seems like sort of a break-up album.
It is.

No more comment on that, huh?
You know, it was. I had just had a bad break up and gone straight to my parent's house in Georgia and had written like seven songs that had everything to do with what was happening at the time.

You're an out lesbian, yet it seems like your music has always been recognized above your sexuality.
Being gay isn't really that interesting, but being a good guitar player is. There are a lot of gay people. That's what's weird to me that a lot of people in the gay community think that because of that, because you're gay, you're special. You aren't -- you're totally not!

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