The Gay Agenda


By Edgar Casillas

TUNES: Infusing Pink's 'Get the Party Started' with her token melodramatic vocals, a healthy dose of soul, and whole lot of attitude, Shirley Bassey takes the modern pop classic to epic heights. Her new album, sharing its title with the lead single, includes a new remix of her hit, 'The Living Tree.' Also hitting the shops this week is London dance duo Groove Armada's retrospective double CD, 10 Year Story, which includes the infectious 'Song For Mutya' featuring ex-Sugababes member Mutya Buena on vocals.

THEATER: Taking us back to 1995, a time of internet infancy and massive cell phones, playwright Craig Lucas sets up a modern tragedy in The Dying Gaul. The show, presented by the Fine Arts Players and debuting at the Elephant Theatre, is a journey through loss and a look at how 'ambition, social role-playing, sexual desire, and repression combine to shape and distort the individual.' It runs from March 20 through April 19 at the 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Fans should also check out Lucas's newly released The Dying Gaul and other Screenplays, a book complete with commentary from Out 100 honoree Mary-Louise Parker.