Bombs Away!


By T. Cole Rachel

When asked why the new B-52's album is so sexed-up, front man Fred Schneider has a very logical response: 'Because we're the same sexy old freaks we always were!' On the aptly titled Funplex -- the band's first studio album in 16 years -- the beloved Georgia rockers get back to their roots.

Songs like 'Hot Corner' and 'Deviant Ingredient' simmer with the same sort of vocal harmonies and surf-rock guitar licks that made the band famous, while the title track packs up the old Love Shack and moves it to a naughty mall. 'It's all about sex and dancing,' says Kate Pierson. 'Me and Cindy [Wilson] just couldn't help ourselves.'

With a new record label and an arsenal of fresh, quirky songs to tear through, the group is eager to hit the road this spring and bring Fun to a new generation of fans. 'As long as there are dance clubs and gay bars, we know there will always be a place for us to play,' says guitarist Keith Strickland. 'That's always been where we call home.'

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