The Gay Agenda


By Edgar Casillas

TUNES: Leaving the thumping glam pop and horse riding behind, Goldfrapp return this week with Seventh Tree, out February 26 from Mute. The duo's fourth album sets aside the hard-edged electro-disco of their last album, Supernature, replacing it with soft instrumentation, as Allison Goldfrapp's honeyed voice finds a cozy home in a forest of softened drum beats and floating strings. Giving this record a spin won't require a pair of freshly polished dancing shoes, but, trust us, low-key cocktail soirees have never had a better soundtrack. For more on Goldfrapp, pick up a copy of Out's March issue.

SPECTACLE: While the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit "Jasper Johns: Gray", up now through May 4, fails to address the role of the artist's sexuality in his work, the symposium Jasper Johns: Gray Uncensored! is a bit more revelatory, tackling the subject head on. Bringing together a slew of scholars including Thomas Crow, Jonathan D. Katz, Seth McCormick, and James Saslow, the event will be held March 3, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at CUNY's Proshanky Auditorium in New York City. Get more info here.