Act Naturally


By Nelson Branco

You have a boyfriend, who you've been seeing for one year -- do you want to go on the record with that or keep that part of your life private?
It's always been The Adamo Ruggiero Show until I entered this fantastic relationship. We've been seeing each other for one year -- and that's all I want to say.

Fair enough. Who are your gay icons? I find that many gay whippersnappers aren't aware of our gay history.
I guess I have some homework to do! I'm a perfect example of your frustrations regarding gay youth! I don't know my gay history that well, I admit. I hope Marco will one day be looked upon as a gay icon or a trailblazer. There are people whom I admire -- I met Rosie O'Donnell with the cast of Spring Awakening this past year; she's fantastic. I admire Rosie because being gay is only one of her many facets; it hasn't defined her. And Ellen DeGeneres, of course -- who doesn't love Ellen?

Any plans to exit Degrassi?
I'm sure that's in the near future, for sure. But having said that, I'm not sure exactly when. Listen, Marco's naturally aging out of the series -- that's no secret, so it's only a matter of time. Although I love the show and everyone involved because they are truly my family, I'm also eager to tackle the film world. I won't be moving to Hollywood; I will still live in Toronto. Hopefully, I'd like to explore producing, directing and writing independent film. I'll still act, but I'd like to be more behind the scenes.

I hear from a reliable source you love Mariah Carey -- especially when you DJ at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.
Yes! Me loves her! [Laughs] I know, your idol is Madonna, whom my boyfriend also idolizes, but what can I say -- I'm all about Mims! Though, I think I'm in the closet about one thing and one thing only these days -- I'm probably a closet Madonna fan, I admit.

Finally, the most important question: Boxers or briefs? People need to know, damn it!
[Laughs] I used to wear boxers until I got into skinny jeans -- then I was forced. So it's briefs for me. It's tough being a slave to fashion!

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