Point & Shoot



BB: Do you think gay identity is different in Europe versus the United States?

WP: Maybe a little. Aren't Americans more attractive? Of course they are.

BB: And their attitude toward homosexuality?

WP: Isn't it a little more open in Europe?

BB: I think in Europe you can get by with charm. You don't even have to have a good body. What do you think about all this gym culture?

WP: [Sighs] Ohhh! It's too much. A nice body is nice, but when it's too much [makes sound of explosion], it nearly explodes.

BB: And the fashion for shaving off body hair?

WP: Ew. Above the cock you mean? The perfect crotch cut? I don't like it.

BB: No, I mean when they shave their chest too!

WP: Isn't that a bit too much? Or am I old-fashioned?

BB: Well, I was hoping you would say that, because I agree with you. Have you ever had a lover?

WP: No.

BB: Why? You're so delightful and sweet and talented.

WP: I don't know. It's hard. I've had some affairs, but I always have to have other people around me. If I had a friend here all the time -- I always ask people, 'When will it be? When will it come?' But it never does.

BB: Maybe you're aesthetically promiscuous.

WP: Maybe. Yes. That's nice. That's a nice remark. That's perfect. Nobody ever told me that, but it's true.

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