Point & Shoot



BB: When I was working on a book about James Bidgood, the creator of Pink Narcissus, I was studying the moment when it was OK to show genitals. But even now you very seldom show cocks.

WP: True. When I did the first book I said, 'We have to show them.' Back then it was a really intimate thing to do. Now I see so many cocks on the Internet that I don't know how to top it.

BB: Isn't this partly because of your interest in glamour?

WP: Definitely. But I've dreamed of showing cock in glamorous surroundings. Once I wanted to do it with this boy, and he said, 'No way!' And you know how hard it would be to do this with the boys I love.

BB: Love? I read that you never have sex with the boys you photograph. Is photographing them enough?

WP: Yeah. But first I start with a person who is a person and who is perfect to my imagination. And mostly they're not gay. Sometimes we've had an affair, but mostly I'm interested in them as models.

BB: Don't you get frustrated?

WP: No, because I have so many beautiful pictures of them. And if you have the pictures, you finally have them at the point you wanted them. I only get frustrated when they say they're not coming back after two days. Because I don't use an agency, you know. I never pay them.

BB: Suppose somebody gives you a commission to take their portrait and it's not somebody you choose? What if he's ugly? Can you work like that?

WP: No. In fact, somebody sent me really filthy pictures of himself nude and said, 'I want you to do a portrait of me,' and I said no.

BB: What if it's a celebrity who asks and he's ugly?

WP: Maybe I could find an angle that's attractive. Maybe if we try hard. It depends. It depends.