The Gay Agenda


By Edgar Casillas

FLICK: Everyone loves a good chase, and, of course, 1920s Paris, where Antoinette (Jeanne Balibar) skirts the affections of eye-catching general Armand de Montriveau (Guillaume Depardieu) in the film The Duchess of Langeais. Loving the attention and seductions of Montriveau, Antoinette plays along but initially refuses to give in, causing a stubborn Montriveau to nearly give her up. Brush up on your French before the flick's limited release on February 22. See the trailer here.

ADVOCATE: Tackling the often tenuous relationship between Biblical scripture and homosexuality, Daniel Karslake's award-winning documentary For the Bible Tells Me So makes its DVD debut February 19. The seminal film, which highlights the telling experiences of Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson and former House Majority leader Richard Gephardt, among others, is one that should find a snug fit in your home library. Catch the trailer here.