Gay Agenda


By Edgar Casillas

FLICK: Ryan Reynolds doesn't lose any of his appeal or charm in his turn from fierce action hottie to caring daddy in Definitely, Maybe. His peerless man candy status is still intact here, only this time his first priority is his adorable daughter Abigail Bresline (Little Miss Sunshine), who begins a puzzling quest to decipher her father's past romantic life and figure out who ended up becoming her mother. In the process, Reynold's youthful escapades are relived, forcing little Abigail (above) to discover the sometimes-turbulent adventures that epitomize the chase for love. The film hits theaters Valentines Day, but you can watch the trailer here.

TUNES: The debut album from out singer Dwayne Britton will complement a romantic Valentine's Day dinner as well as that special-occasion bottle of chianti you've been saving. Britton's delivery is precise and powerful, as best exemplified in his winning rendition of Tori Amo's 'Baker Baker.' The self-titled album comes out February 12 and is available on iTunes.