The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

FLICK: We kind of hate T.R. Knight for snagging Katherine Heigl as his resident girlfriend. Her chain-smoking, outspoken pro-queer politics, nervous wit, and status as a fallen Mormon make her the perfect gal-pal to throw back dollar well drinks at Feathers on a Wednesday night. So chances are we'll be seeing 27 Dresses, her first shot at Julia Roberts rom-com fame. Ditching the frat boy comedy of Knocked Up, this time around Heigl stars as Jane, a perpetual bridesmaid who preaches the benefits of 'hot hate sex with random strangers' and ultimately bags dreamboat James Marsden. 27 Dresses is now playing in theaters nationwide. Head over to to check out the theatrical trailer.

TUNES: You've got to love Cat Power. The Florida-based songstress is the creative mind behind the hauntingly beautiful 'Good Woman' and her take on 'Sea of Love,' featured prominently in Juno, is one of the best covers to emerge in recent years. The singer, born Charlyn 'Chan' Marshall, further explores her talent for reinvigorating classic songs with Jukebox, the latest installment in her collection of covers. This time around, she tackles Bob Dylan's 'I Believe in You,' Joni Mitchell's 'Blue,' and takes a feminist approach to Hank Williams's 'Ramblin' Man.' Jukebox will drop into stores on January 22.