Gay Gym Body


By David Ciminelli

Along with the rise of the gym craze that has enraptured the gay community came an unwelcome side effect: Chicken Legs Syndrome, that unflattering body type cultivated by muscle Marys who look like they've been pumping iron while in a wheelchair. To help combat the effects of CLS, we turned to David Barton, who built a fitness empire with one simple demand: look better naked.
'There's no comfortable or easy way to train your legs,' says Barton. 'But if you want sexy legs and a nice ass, squats are a really great exercise to start out with, even if you're doing them with light weights. And it's really important while doing squats to contract the muscles in the butt. If you haven't been working the lower body, make sure that these muscles are engaged, because with some exercises, like running, it's very easy to work around the glutes, and you wind up relying on other muscles. It's important to do exercises where you're really contracting those glutes.'

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