The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

FLICK: As if the vagina weren't terrifying enough for gay men, Friday, Jan. 18, marks the release of the new horror-comedy Teeth. The Sundance fave tells the story a young woman (Jess Weixler) whose gynecologist discovers a pair of teeth in her nether regions. (Yep, we're serious.) Kirk Honeycutt from The Hollywood Reporter calls Teeth 'the most alarming cautionary tale for men since Fatal Attraction' -- and let's face it, the only thing that would have made that film better was if Glenn Close's nipples shot acid in Michael Douglas's face. If you want to know more (or just love blossoming-rose-as-vagina symbolism and '80s hair band references), check out the trailer on

TUNES: Fans of the Broadway musical Xanadu will no longer have to watch histrionic recreations of the show's score on YouTube to hear its camptastic ditties -- the original Broadway cast recording is now available. Xanadu, described by one of its characters as 'children's theater for gay people,' is indeed the gayest show on the gayest street in the world. Based on the kitschy 1980 classic starring a roller-skating Olivia Newton-John, the soundtrack features hits from the show, including 'Magic,' 'Suddenly,' and the title track. To watch stars Cheyenne Jackson and costar Kerry Butler perform 'Suddenly' on The View, go to YouTube.