The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

PAGE-TURNER: The House of Cruise has been temporarily rocked by the allegations made in Andrew Morton's tell-all Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography. In his new book, the author who exposed the private lives of Princess Diana and Madonna claims that Scientologists 'planted a meadow of flowers for [Cruise and former wife Nicole Kidman] to run through,' that Kidman 'feared blackmail' by Scientologists from sex tapes made with Cruise, and that the Lions for Lambs star's latest mission was to recruit David Beckham. In one of the most controversial passages of the book, Morton speculates that Katie Holmes may have felt that she was in "the horror movie Rosemary's Baby, in which an unsuspecting young woman is impregnated with the Devil's child" when she was carrying her daughter, Suri. So what does Morton say about the rumors surrounding Cruise's sexuality (and creepy high school wrestling fetish)? Find out for yourself when the book is released Jan. 15.

TUBE: Along with Gossip Girl and Brandon Routh, Janice Dickinson is a gift from the gay gods. Her WASPy mom-esque putdowns are sorely missed on America's Next Top Model, but we still have Oxygen's The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. On the Jan. 15 episode Janice persistently tries to get a Christian model, Dominique, to pose topless in continuation of the Janice-Dickinson-as-the-creepy-French-pornographer-to-Dominique's-Coco-at-the-end-of-Fame storyline. The hunky male models are greased up and photographed for a line of gay lingerie, and the self-proclaimed 'world's first supermodel' goes in for more cosmetic surgery. Apparently she'll go from this to this. Ahh, we kid.