Expert Advice On: Buying Art


By Editors

Don't buy things other people tell you to love. 'The art world is a curious place and you're told to love Damien Hirst's congealed pig fetus, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to love it when you get it in your living room.'

Don't overthink things. 'You should have an immediate, personal response to any art you buy. Trust your gut.'

Don't be driven by measurements. 'Just because something fits over your mantel doesn't mean you should buy it. Buy what you love and create a space for it. Art, like books, always makes the most of a space.'

Don't think of it as staying in one place. 'Famed collector Dominique de Menil regularly moved her art to different areas of her homes. When you move pieces around, you don't take their characteristics for granted, and they take on a different viewing power.'

Don't limit yourself to gallery shopping. 'I buy art at auctions much more than I do galleries. It's the best way to get art at the current market rate.'

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