Tour de Fuerz


By Jason Lamphier

In Fuerzabruta, an audience is showered with water and debris, blasted with smoke and bright lights, and herded through the room like hypnotized cattle, all to a propulsive techno soundtrack. A typical evening on Broadway it is not, but the show's Argentine creator, Diqui James, isn't catering to stuffy theatergoers. 'We don't want to do something just for intellectuals who love literature,' he explains, 'or just for young kids who love raves.'

A plotless, mechanical feast for the senses, Fuerzabruta (Spanish for 'brute force') features a suited man smashing through cardboard walls while running frantically on a six-foot-high treadmill, an aerial catfight on a 20-foot swirling Mylar curtain, and a huge transparent pool -- in which four women writhe like sexy, primitive sirens -- that descends to barely scrape onlookers' heads.

New York City's Daryl Roth Theatre will soon launch weekly 'boys' night' performances of the production for gay spectators.

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