The Gayest of 2007


By Editors

Shana: Apparently none of us go to the movies any more. Give me ONE QUEER MIRACLE you'd like to see in 2008.
Bruce: I'm waiting to see if Winehouse stays on track to be the latest incarnation of the Janis/Judy/Kurt Cobain "tragedy of success" story....
Jason: I'll leave the sappy, earnest responses to you guys and take the selfish, pathetic route here. One queer miracle I'd like to see in 2008: Jason Lamphier on a date. With a man. Who's not married. Preferably gay and not an alcoholic, but I don't wanna sound too picky. Of course, all rules are out the window for Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords. Then it would be 'Business Time.'
Bruce: The end of second-class citizenship for queer people, so we can rejoin the "civilized" world (Western Europe) where queer people have complete civic and economic equality.
Bill: Gossip Girl for the Nintendo Wii. Also, this ain't far behind -- High School Musical: The Ice Tour!
Shana: No, I can blow all of you out of the water here. Matt just sent me this release: Subject: DON'T MISS BARRY MANILOW PERFORMING ON BRIAN BOITANO'S SKATING SPECTACULAR!! Anyway, thank you all for making my Chrismukkah miracle come true: wheedling a few readers into reading all the way to the end of my attempt to demystify the idea that magazine editors ever have a more elaborate system of making lists.

Happy 2008!