Body Language


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

A sexy crop of new videos by Israeli singers eagerly traded around YouTube gives the impression that the country has turned into a nonstop discotheque -- circa 1970. One by Jonathan Gatro sports retrosexual pornstache studs and Showtime-level shenanigans, including sex in an ocean-side shower (why choose one or the other when you can have both?).

In another, Gatro croons from a VIP booth as one hot guy steals another out of the arms of a girlfriend and into a steamy tango across a crowded club. So other than a lack of puritan ethics, what's to account for the scorching double standard? Are Israeli guys just hotter?

In comparison, Ivri Lider, whose English-language single 'Jesse' is PG-rated -- if still evocative and sweetly sexy -- credits the diverse social and ethnic background of his homeland's hunks. 'Personally, I care more for American men,' Lider says, and has one to prove it. 'My American boyfriend says Israeli men are hot because there's nothing cuter than hearing a sexy accent.'