hv yrslf a mrry xmas - xoxo, Verizon, LG & Out.com


By Rebecca Love

Verizon Wireless, LG, and Out.com hosted a text-happy holiday crowd at New York City's Splash Bar, where cell-sent messages and photos were projected above a packed dance floor. Lucky winners went home with new Verizon LG Chocolate slide phones, and everyone got a chance to tell hot Santa exactly what they were wishing for this season.

Verizon screens broadcasting text messages, glowing snowflakes and all those happy people on the dance floor' it's clearly holiday time in New York!

Gossip Girl Boy texts in an early report.

DJ Joe Gauthreaux kept the energy high for a night of dancing, texting and revelry.

Nick(left): The dirtiest text I ever sent was something along the lines of' "I bought magnums for you'"
Jason(right): Did you send that to that total troll you were seeing?
Nick(left): 'no comment.