Build Up and Release


By Matthew Breen

The Academy Awards

Anticipation: 5. Sort of interesting. Great excuse for a party, even if you talk through the whole show.
Payoff: 7. Ellen hosted; Al Gore, Melissa Etheridge, and Jennifer Hudson won Oscars, and there was that wonderfully awkward presentation by Latifah and Travolta, who couldn't say the word Hairspray.

Logo/HRC Presidential Forum

Anticipation: 8. Emotions were running high, and ALL the major Democratic candidates attended. Now we're gonna get somewhere!
Payoff: 4. No likely nominee (we love you, Kucinich) said he or she supports gay marriage. There were other topics, but who remembers those?

Mary Cheney Gives Birth

Anticipation: 9. Like the discovery of an incarnation of the Dalai Lama or the second coming of Jesus, we greeted this birth with the certain knowledge that from Mary's gilded womb would come the child that would revolutionize the political right's views on gay parenting.
Payoff: 2. Where the hell is that kid? Are we sure it's real?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Anticipation: -3. An Adam Sandler movie? Worse yet, an Adam Sandler issue movie?
Payoff: 0. Even though GLAAD capitulated, critics panned it and queer audiences stayed away in droves.