The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

FILM: Bollywood buffs have much to be excited about this coming Diwali. Friday, Nov. 16, marks the release of two Indian films: Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. Saawariya has been getting notable buzz, mostly due to its lavish design and Romeo and Juliet-esque storyline, while Om Shanti Om had one of the widest releases ever for an Indian film in the U.S. Meanwhile, pick up Cut Sleeve Boys, the world's very first gay British-Chinese movie, when it lands on DVD Tuesday, Nov. 13. Cut Sleeve Boys tells the story of two gay men who react very differently to the death of a mutual friend: Mel (Steven Lim) sleeps around, and Ash (Chowee Leow) decides to don drag to find Mr. Right.

TUNES: Chances are you've driven your copy of Amy Winehouse's Back to Black into the ground. Good news: Generation Y's answer to the trashed, unhinged diva antics of Liza Minnelli finally releases her debut album, 2003's Frank, to U.S. listeners on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Frank put Winehouse on the map across the pond with hits like 'Amy Amy Amy' and 'F**k Me Pumps,' both required listening for pre-gaming.

EVENT: If we gays love anything, it's maxing out our credit cards. Why shouldn't we honor the people who make that possible? On Thursday, Nov. 15, the Commercial Closet Association hosts its Third Annual Corporate AdRespect Honors celebrating Absolut Vodka and American Express for their demonstrated leadership in the inclusion of the LGBT community in their advertising. You can purchase tickets at