Flower Power


By Bill Keith

They're sent flowers as often as the rest of us receive Viagra e-mail promotions. With the help of our pro Gaige Clark, owner of Manhattan's Spruce floral boutique, we put three of our favorite Broadway stars' skills to the test by asking them to arrange the exact same selection of flowers.

The raw materials: 'Early fall is a fantastic time for flowers, so I sent them each some exciting seasonal varieties,' says Clark. 'Dahlias -- grande dames that can stand alone but also bring everything together in an arrangement -- plus Matthiolas, a fluffy favorite that smells like cinnamon, and of course some dramatic, stately calla lilies for a hint of glamour.'

Kerry Butler
Clio/Kara, Xanadu

'I had to steal this skate from our opening-night party! I couldn't exactly use one that I'm skating with in the show tonight.'

Pro's report: 'My favorite! So Boogie Nights, and there's something about her that gives this a very Bettie Page, '50s pinup feel. I love, love, love it!'