The Hot Seat Feature


By David Levinson

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Sandee, 39
Miami Beach, FL

Hung, 29
Las Vegas, NV

Dale, 34,
Chicago, IL

Shag, Marry, Kill, Cook for?: Rocco DiSpirito, Nigella Lawson, Rachel Ray, Anthony Bourdain

'Cook for Rocco DiSpirito. Shag while cooking for Nigella Lawson. Cook for Rachel Ray. Cook for then kill Anthony Bourdain.'

'Cook for Rocco DiSpirito. Cook for Nigella Lawson. Cook for Rachel Ray. Cook for Anthony Bourdain.'

'Shag Rocco DiSpirito. Cook for and marry Nigella Lawson. Cook for Rachel Ray. Cook for
Anthony Bourdain.'

Does being queer matter in the kitchen?

'It doesn't matter for lesbians as much as for gay men, since the environment's testosterone-driven.'

'Sexuality has nothing to do with the kitchen, nothing to do with passion.'

'Yes and no. It's more important to the person who is gay. No one else really cares.'

What did you eat yesterday'from breakfast to dinner?

'Breakfast: cheese grits and crispy bacon. Lunch: grilled chicken salad with bleu cheese. Dinner: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.'

'Lunch: pasta with tomato sauce, shitload of garlic, saut'ed wild arugula, anchovies, chili flakes.'

'Breakfast: Starbucks coffee. Lunch: pork carnitas. Dinner: fried chicken and mashed potatoes.'

What was the most recent amazing dining experience you had?

'Perilla, Harold Dieterle's flawless restaurant in NYC.'

'A small Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn called Lucky 8. I had shark fin soup, which is good for energy and reproduction.'

'A family reunion at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Chicago when I was 12-years-old.'

You're cooking to seduce someone. What's on the menu?

'What I like to call Hilton Nachos: blinis and toast points, diced purple onion, potatoes, cr'me fraiche, Cajun quail eggs, caperberries.'

'Light refreshing food'strawberries, oysters, caviar, champagne, ginseng broth.'

'Lots of wine, simple foods, like braised meats'snuggle foods.'

Was there any sexual tension on the set?

'For me, there was sexual tension because of Padma [Lakshmi, host], who takes over the room and speaks so eloquently.'

'Absolutely not! Casey was sexy and nice, but the men'no! Show was far too stressful. No time to get it up!'

'No, but I thought Andy Cohen (VP of Bravo) was cute.'