Bag Lady


By Jason Lamphier

She has been all over Top 40 airwaves and MTV, but now Fergie's new handbag line with Kipling has landed. Out forced the ubiquitous popstress to drop her clutch and give us the scoop.

Your Kipling handbag line just came out. Talk to me about it. Also, why the choice to release your own handbag and not the usual perfume?

It's one thing at a time because I like to give my full input into the things I do. Kipling let me be involved in the process, which is very fulfilling. There are three bag categories: Nice Scout, Naughty Scout, and Dutchess.

I weigh about 118 pounds and have a 26-inch waist, Fergie. Do you think my humps would fit into your handbag?

You sound like my size! The bags are all different shapes and sizes.

You played a lesbian zombie victim in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. What attracted you to this role? Any chance we'll see you get dismembered (preferably by zombies) again onscreen?

Yes, I would probably do anything for Quentin.

The gays envy you, you know'not only because you're 'Glamorous,' but because not just anyone can land a relationship with Josh Duhamel. He can't be perfect, though. What's the thing he does that irritates you the most?

I don't see him enough, so he doesn't do anything to irritate me. It's wonderful when I see him. I think more couples could benefit from having some space.

We have to discuss your lyrics. They're so silly and catchy. Why the desire for you and Black Eyed Peas to develop your own language?

It's all a creative thing. I get bored with something that's too generic.

Speaking of the Fergie lexicon, could you please define 'Fergalicious'? How would one make the distinction between 'Fergalicious' and 'Bootylicious'?

Obviously, I'm not the most bootylicious girl out there. Fergalicious is more of an all-around sense of feeling confident and sexy.

Was there ever a term you and BEP coined then dropped because it was just too silly or racy?

We had to change 'Let's get retarded' to 'Let's get it started' for the NBA, but that was their request. We come up with a lot of silly things we don't use.

There are so many Fergies out there. Have you ever been confused with another Fergie'say, the Duchess of York or the 2000 AD comic character, or the Major League baseball player?

All my life I have gotten fan mail addressed to Sarah Ferguson. Some people even meet me in person and call me Sarah.

What's your take on Alanis Morissette's ballad remake of 'My Humps'? It was a YouTube smash, but do you find it offensive or innocently humorous?

Humorous! I cracked up when I saw it. I sent her a cake in the shape of a derriere. I don't take myself too seriously.