Dark Star



What was it like working with the reportedly difficult Crowe? 'He's incredibly generous. I think it's got to be difficult when everyone expects you to be an asshole or to throw something at them. It's a bizarre thing, having people waiting for you to do something like that and provoking you. I've wanted to do a lot more than throw a phone at someone's head.'

Oddly enough, working with Sharon Stone on 2006's Alpha Dog took the biggest toll on him, both physically and emotionally. 'She broke my nose filming that movie! I love her!' he laughs before quickly growing serious. 'Being in the mental and physical shape to play a crystal meth addict skinhead trying to get his brother back, it took me about five months after the shoot to get over it.'

When I ask if he's as introspective as he's perceived to be, Foster becomes a bit rankled. 'Um, I mean, sure,' he says. 'I've been meditating twice a day since I was 4, so I'm used to occupying my own head space.' (Foster, who grew up in Iowa, attended the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment but dropped out after ninth grade to pursue acting.) 'I don't think of myself as an angry person. As rewarding as that role was, it was a real challenge to get my head back on straight,' he recalls.

That things will lighten up for Foster seems unlikely, though. 'My character in The Laws of Motion is an accused child molester living in a halfway house until he gets hit by a car and has to move back home with his alcoholic, drug-addicted sister,' he says matter-of-factly. 'But I like this movie. I don't kill anybody.'