The Gay Agenda


By Editors

BALLS: If you love Grease 2 and want even the flimsiest excuse to burst into 'Score Tonight,' then join gay bowling in the Texas Gay Handicap Tournament in Austin, Texas. Even if you hate the sport, this tourney (hosted at Highland Lanes) will give you the opportunity to use all the 'ball' puns you've been cooking up all summer. For more information, head over to

GOSSIP: Chances are you're among the millions who visit Perez Hilton's daily gossip blog. (Really, who can resist crudely drawn coke bubbles on paparazzi shots?) Now the out Web master is hosting his own talk show, What Perez Sez, the upcoming episode of which will focus on this year's Video Music Award performances. Expect to hear the cold, hard truth about Britney's rumored comeback and indulge in the guiltiest pleasure this fall has to offer.