The Gay Agenda


By Editors

TUNES: With his pink Louis Vuitton luggage, planned fashion label, and the numerous photographs circulating the Internet of him throwing up the Dynasty hand symbol with Tom Cruise, Kanye West is one handful of confetti away from becoming Rip Taylor. Even if the rapper isn't lying about his avowed heterosexuality, he's always been a friend to the gays, so head out to your local music store (or load up iTunes) and buy his latest album, Graduation.

FLICK: Here's one secret the out-and-proud gays have kept hidden from heterosexual eyes: gay movies generally suck. (For every Brokeback Mountain, there are 10 Latter Days.) However, The Bubble (the newest offering from Eytan Fox, the critically acclaimed director of Yossi & Jagger) looks a lot more promising than most recent gay-themed movies. The film, about a gay relationship that transcends the border between Israel and Palestine, opens in limited release.