Days of Summer Calendar



August 27: Admit it, you've read The Nanny Diaries, (even if it was tucked into a copy of The Economist on the train ride to work), and you've wanted to make Scarlett Johansson your best gal pal since Ghost World. If you haven't already checked out the big-screen adaptation of Emma Mclaughin and Nicola Kraus's New York society romp, then see it today. Even if you wouldn't stoop so low as to read the novel, you'll go ga-ga for the toddler-toting protagonist's love interest, Chris Evans.

August 28: Get back to nature and get rid of those unsightly tan lines by attending Daddy 2007, the 10th Annual Clothing-Optional Gathering at Camp Ramblewood in Maryland, hosted by Daddy magazine. Always remember that you can dodge any unwelcome advances from a bear (human or otherwise) by scaling a nearby tree. Get the details here.

August 29: Say 'water sports' for the first time without giggling at Splash, Alyson Adventures's weeklong rafting trip for gay men through the Grand Canyon. With swimming and hiking added to the deal, experience one of the world's greatest wonders in a way you never have before. For more information, check out

August 30: If you've always wanted to go to Mardi Gras but were afraid of all those boobies, don't worry. Head down to Southern Decadence, New Orleans's 'Gay Mardi Gras,' with porntrepreneur hostess Chi Chi LaRue. While you're there, give the relief workers some aid. It'll help you atone for your night of Southern debauchery. has the naughty details.