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5 Questions (And Then Some) For Matmos

5 Questions (And Then Some) For Matmos

1. The perfect song to have sex to is: Royaume by tant Donns
2. My vision of hell: George Bush for four more years!
3. When Im most stressed out: Schmidt: Ive developed an eye tic. Daniels: I played Rumpelstiltskin in a school play, and recently Ive reverted to some of the stomping and twitching.
4. My tombstone will read: Schmidt: We were in Paris and walking around Montparnasse and I was thinking about this: Patience. Daniels: Better Luck Next Time!
5. The thing I most desperately need to tell my mother is: Schmidt: Im sorry. She died when I was 16, at the peak of being a fucking prick. Daniels: Thanks for the work ethic, Mom. You rock!
6. The most overrated virtue is: Schmidt: Temperance
7. Fergalicious means: Schmidt: Synonym for Santorum. Daniels: A condition you develop when round worms burrow through your feet.
8. Childhood crush was: Schmidt: Steve Goodfriend. He plays drums for us. Daniels: Race Bannon.
9. Most-regretted fashion choice: Schmidt: Ever wearing tennis shoes with a suit jacket. Daniels: Mohawk and glasses. Mixes messages.
10. Will play me in the film version of my life: Schmidt: Ryan Phillippe. Daniels: The guy from the Mac commercials.
11. When my parents come over, I hide my: Schmidt: Nothing. Theyve never asked to come in. Daniels: Nothing. Ive been dildo shopping with my mother.


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