Days of Summer Calendar


By Peter Schaus

August 20: Mother issues, campy wigs, and shower scenes are all tropes we gays fully embrace. You can celebrate all three by seeing Psycho, which is showing in Bryant Park in New York City. The film is one of Hitchcock's finest, and queer actor Anthony Perkins is so charming and cute'well, in that devilishly maniacal sorta way.

August 21: Throw on your Guadalajara poncho and watch the complete first season of ABC's super-gay-friendly smash-hit Ugly Betty, now on DVD. Invite your best gays over, whip up a batch of your famous margaritas, and take turns doing bitchy Vanessa Williams impressions. And while you're emptying your pockets, pick up a copy of the collector's edition of Serenity, penned by Buffy creator and queer fave Joss Whedon.

August 22: You should check out Barry Walters's profile of the Danish geek-chic songsters Junior Senior in the September issue of Out, but we strongly suggest tickling your ears with their second release, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, immediately after. A sparkling disco-pop cycle of deliciously catchy, synth-heavy melodies and goofy raps, Hey features cameos from Le Tigre and the B-52's's Kate Pierson. The half-gay duo knows fans have been waiting two years for the album to hit the States, so they've thrown in a seven-track bonus DVD. Hey, yo, indeed.

August 23: With Learn Japanese Month upon us, it's time to explore Japanese culture'you know, beyond its sushi offerings and that way-too-trendy kimono you've been sporting the last two years. Pick up an English-to-Japanese translation guide and get to work. Or at least check out a little Yaoi porn on Xtube.

August 24: If Learn Japanese Month has left you feeling cosmopolitan, and you want to catch one of the hippest musical lineups in the past couple of years, skip across the pond to the Reading Festival in Reading, England. On the program this year are the Arcade Fire, Interpol, Bloc Party, the Shins, Nine Inch Nails, and Fall Out Boy. What better way to blow off 45 minutes than by contemplating Pete Wentz's sexuality? For more information, check out

August 25: Got a bad case of the 'two blues'? Sate your tri-curiosity by picking up a copy of The Threesome Handbook (Thunder's Mouth, $14.95) sexuality historian and threesome dabbler Victoria Vantoch's primer for mastering the m'nage. The book offers advice on how to prevent freak-outs and unwanted feelings. More important, it provides tips on discovering your inner queer.

August 26: If you're still enjoying your sojourn in England, head on over to Manchester Pride '07. Check out the Pride Games (and ogle the athletes), dance your pants off at Sunday Night Screamers, and smugly march in the parade. Highlights this year include performances by the Gossip and Belinda Carlisle. For further information, head to