Days of Summer Calendar


By Peter Schaus

August 13: With National Resurrect Romance Week upon us, it's time to pour the pinot, scatter rose petals on those silk sheets, and pop in some vintage Sade. OK, you can tone down the schmaltz a tad, but at least treat that special someone to a little din-din and a compliment or two. After all, you are a smooth operator.

August 14: Witnessing Scissor Sister darling Ana Matronic's return to San Francisco's Trannyshack'where she'll celebrate her birthday and host a Siouxsie Sioux tribute night'may be the gayest thing you've done since you donned leg warmers in your high school production of A Chorus Line. Trannyshack! Siouxsie Night runs from 10pm to 3am and costs only $8. For the whole scoop, check out

August 15: From the time she climbed a ladder and sang about her desire for a cool rider in Grease 2, Michelle Pfeiffer has held a special place in our hearts. Show your support for La Pfeiffer by heading out to the cinema and checking out her latest film, Stardust, a fantasy-adventure flick based on the popular book by Neil Gaiman. With Robert De Niro as a cross-dressing pirate and Rupert Everett as a dead prince, Stardust may give Pfeiffer's other flashy film, Hairspray, a run for its queer money.

August 16: Conserve your energy for the weekend by staying in tonight and catching up with your beloved boob tube. NBC's 30 Rock has Jane Krakowski covered in salad dressing, proclaiming her hatred of theater troops. Stay tuned for The Office's cute intellectual John Krasinski, who will worm his way into your heart with each sheepish look at the camera. Then switch over to WE just in time to see (spoiler alert!) Debra Winger's dramatic death scene in Terms of Endearment. A classic soggy Kleenex moment.

August 17: If you've spent summer trying to beef up at the gym (or waving around a scarf in the Goddess workout at Lucille Roberts), why not show it off at BigMuscle.Com Weekend? The Internet haven for all you gym bunnies comes to life at the Blue Moon Resort Party in Las Vegas. The event includes cocktails, a poolside soiree, a fundraiser, and plenty of pecs. For more information, head to

August 18: Digging HBO's Big Love? Think Patrick Wilson was really hot in Angels in America? Show your appreciation for gay Mormons by checking out Facing East. This moving play tells the story of a Mormon couple grappling with their gay son's suicide in one of the last American societies to recognize gays in the mainstream. The film is playing at the Theatre Rhinoceros in San Francisco. get tickets, check out

August 19: Throw together the words gay, snorkeling, and blowfish and you're bound to come up with a tasteless pun. However, Oahu-Honolulu will, in fact, be hosting a gay-friendly Snorkeling Hawaii Ultimate Adventure Cruise at Diamond Head. The event offers free windsurfing and kayaking at Turtles Canyon, along with two-story water slides and floating water trampolines. To sign up, visit