No Moore Drama


By Jason Lamphier

What can we expect from the film Dedication?
Dedication is just this little gem of a movie that was bought at Sundance. It's a darker role for me, and it's something I'm quite proud of.

Do you think it was a challenging role?
I think production was a challenge because we shot a lot outside in winter. It was a tiny indie, and there was no budget and no trailers, so we were hopping around the city, but I enjoyed myself there. I loved that experience.

You're considered a pop star. Who was your childhood pop star crush?
Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block.

Why Joey McIntyre?
I was 6 and had his Barbie doll. I had New Kids on the Block sheets, the lunch box, everything. And then my parents denied me permission to go to the concert when I was 6 or 7. They wouldn't take me, and I was just devastated. I liked him because he was the one that had the rat tail.

Speaking of rat tails, what's your most regretted fashion choice?
My first ever walk down a red carpet, I wore this disgusting pink sweater with crystals on it'and a gigantic plaid ball gown skirt that had baby pink in it that matched the sweater. It was the most hideous thing, and I matched my eye shadow. It was lime green eye shadow that picked up another color that was in the plaid in the skirt. It was just atrocious'but I felt like a superstar.

Do you remember what the event was?
It was the Billboard Awards. It was terrible.

It sounds pretty bad. What's your vision of hell?
I'm pretty boring. It would be stuck in traffic on a Friday afternoon. Stuck on the 405 in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

I read that's the only time you lose your cool.
I hate traffic. It makes me pull my hair out. I get stressed out. I don't get terrible road rage, but my temper definitely comes out a little bit when I'm stuck in traffic.

What will it read on your tombstone?
'Here lies a bad late-'90s pop star. Who would've thought she'd get past 'Candy''?