Days of Summer Calendar


By Peter Schaus

August 6: In her new movie, Becoming Jane, Anne Hathaway returns to period garb for the first time since she rode the bull (and Jake Gyllenhaal) in Brokeback Mountain. The flick tells the tale of a pre-fame Jane Austen finding inspiration for Pride and Prejudice in the strangest of places. Jane also stars hottie Brit actor James McAvoy, and while there's no male-on-male subplot, we think all the petticoats will satisfy the gays.

August 7: Check out the Rhode Island International Film Festival, which features the Providence LGBT Film Festival and runs until August 12. Some of the films to be screened include Black, White + Gray (a new documentary about the close friendship between gay fave musician-poet Patti Smith and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe), A Four Letter Word (the new film from Slutty Summer director Casper Andreas), and Suffering Man's Charity (a paranormal drama that explores a tumultuous bond between Alan Cumming and Buffy star David Boreanaz). For more information, go to

August 8: Whether you wear boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, Spiderman skivvies, or your roommate's pair of Hanes Her Way, today is National Underwear Day. Take some time to love the second skin you're in. Or the second skin someone else is in.

August 9: Head on over to NouvelAir's Rainbow Boogie 2007 in Montreal and join the masses celebrating the world's first gay event at a skydiving drop zone. Let's just hope there's an evangelical church near by. After all, when it rains gays, you know the rapture is right around the corner. Get the details at

August 10: With 16 days, 200 international companies, and more than 1,300 shows, the New York International Fringe Festival has enough to entertain the A.D.D.-ridden 12-year-old in all of us. The Fringe Festival is notorious for choosing creative and edgy content, and this year will be no different. Fringe features Enough About Me...Let's talk About Jew, Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman, Slut ' la carte, and Rise Like a Penis From the Flames'A Phallic Phoenix Story. has the scoop.

August 11: If you want to reclaim the steamy days of June, head on over to the Third Annual Indiana Black Pride Festival. The event, held at the Oscar Charleston Park, features plenty of grub and mucho entertainment. Visit for more info.

August 12: Shameless self-promotion, is that you? If you're worn out from skydiving'or from appreciating your underwear so much that you had to throw your last pair into the woods'veg out and pick up a copy of the September issue of Out. We offer the latest on fashion guru Marc Jacobs and provide an exhaustive to-do list for the fall. Meanwhile, some of the most creative gays around dish on their childhood gay fantasies. Hint: We guarantee you'll never look at Gary Coleman the same way again.