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By Jason Lamphier

Q. Allan Brocka brought boundary-pushing, bald-faced queer humor to a whole new level in 1999 when his Lego-animated short film, Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World, killed on the festival circuit. Now, thanks to Logo, the award-winning flick has been developed into a weekly half-hour show. The pilot episode polishes the short's plot as Rick and Steve's dyke counterparts, Dana and Kirsten, ask for Rick's 'axle grease' so that they can have a child. With its silly innuendo (says Rick to his cat, 'Keep your little pussy hair off the crudit's') and irreverent one-liners ('Conservatives and crack whores shouldn't be the only people making babies'), Rick & Steve happily lives up to our expectations. Family Guy fanatics, take heed.