Pretty Ugly


By Editors

One of the ways Betty is leading the way is by offering the first (possibly) gay 12-year-old on television: Betty's nephew, Justin (Mark Indelicato), who's being raised by his single mom (Ana Ortiz) and has a penchant for fashion and musical theater, although the creators have yet to formally address his sexuality.

'He's very comfortable with himself,' says Horta. 'It doesn't mean we haven't discussed the sexual part of that. He may be gay.'

Don't hold your breath for any revelations this year, though. As Marco Pennette, one of the show's executive producers (and the out creator of last year's Crumbs), points out, 'It would seem creepy to me if Justin was looking at the guys in the Sears catalog. At this point this kid loves the more colorful side of life, and his mother totally supports him.'

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