By Out.com Editors

The Tommy is from Tommy Hilfiger; Hansen because it sounds like 'handsome.' When Filip Trojovsky, 25, better known by his nom de porn, Tommy Hansen, arrives for our interview at a Prague caf', everything about him is up: The frosted tips of his faux-hawk are tufted into a high coxcomb, and the collars of his pink polo shirt and the striped oxford he wears beneath it are both turned up too. On his wrist is a glittering David Beckham'edition watch the size of a sand dollar. A year and a half after Trojovsky became gay porn company Bel Ami's most famous defector, his skin still glows bronze.

With the same rascally smile that won him legions of admirers in Lukas in Love and Out in Africa, Trojovsky explains how he came to out himself to the entire country as a former gay porn actor. As he tells it, a producer forced his hand after he had auditioned and had already been accepted for the 2005 Czech edition of the global reality TV franchise Big Brother.

'I wrote on the application that I am doing modeling,' he says. 'The producer told me, 'You were in porn.' ' Trojovsky denied the charge, but 'he told me, 'It's very interesting because I have three movies with you at home.' ' Hoping to control the publicity storm he knew would soon ensue, Trojovsky told his new housemates about his career in the very first episode. The news was, of course, a bonanza for the boulevard press ('Filip Lost His Virginity at 15!'). Trojovsky was voted out of the house early, but made a return for the last round (he didn't win).