Sarah Silverman Is Way Cooler Than You


By Jeffrey Epstein

Watch Comedy Central's new show The Sarah Silverman Program and you'll get to see the sly comic playing 'a kind of intensified version of me'with a heightened ignorance and arrogance.' Silverman, whose stage show and film Jesus Is Magic had us doubled over with laughter, never steers away from the politically incorrect, even when it comes to the gays she loves so well. Here are some outtakes from our interview with Silverman in Out's March issue.

On the Program, you cast your real sister [Laura, best known as Jane on The Comeback] to play your sister. Most of us can only stand our siblings in small doses. How did that work out?
The time was really right in our relationship. I don't know if we could have handled it 10 or even five years ago, but the truth is, I'm a fan and I love being with her. She's so funny and talented and also such a loving sister. We're lucky.

So Laura gets to live, but on the show, your parents are dead. Why'd you kill them off?
Because it sets up this dynamic between these two sisters. That she is my younger sister but she has always been the one to take care of me. Maybe even because of guilt over their parents' deaths. My character definitely takes advantage of that, but also there's that pinch of sympathy you can have for my character, even though she's pretty douchey.

You come across as pretty laidback. Has there ever been a celebrity you were legitimately excited to meet?
Garry Shandling. I first met him in '94 and it was thrilling. Also Elvis Costello.

Did they live up to your expectations of them?
Yes and yes. Thank God!

In your comedy, are there topics you won't touch'not because you find them touchy but just because you think they're too easy?
Yeah, though nothing that makes me laugh is off limits personally. But I never find myself doing 'Bush is a fucking idiot' jokes because they are too easy and obvious. While there are people that find ways to make that topic fresh and hilarious, I'm not one of them.