Exclusive: Heather Graham


By Michael Musto

Meanwhile, you play a heroin addict in a film called Broken.

It's about the sexiness and darkness of addiction and self-destruction. It's the opposite of Gray Matters. Also, I'm in Adrift in Manhattan, about these people in New York going through difficult things and how they're interconnected. And I'm getting into producing, doing a movie about the Triangle fire. Oh, and I hear that Mary'an Abel Ferrara movie I'm in with Juliette Binoche and Forrest Whitaker'might be coming out.

Busy, busy. Abel's nuts, isn't he?

[Pause] He's a character.

What's the main gay issue in the world today?

I'm not a huge fan of George Bush. I think it's crazy that with all the things going in the world like genocide, we care so much if same-sex people get married. Why put so much effort into trying to control people's lives? We should focus on our own. Make your own marriage happy!