Exclusive: Heather Graham


By Michael Musto

Known for her racy roles from Rollergirl in Boogie Nights to Austin Powers' pal Felicity Shagwell, Heather Graham now comes over to our side in Gray Matters, in which she's Gray, an ad exec who unexpectedly falls for her brother's female fianc'e. Take the R out of Gray and'bingo! Here are some exclusive outtakes from Michael Musto's interview with Heather.

Alan Cumming'as a straight cab driver in Gray Matters'looks pretty wacky in his drag scene.

He's a very funny guy. We had funny conversations and we forgot we were miked. He told me hilarious, crazy, out-there stories about his personal life.

And the whole crew heard?

Yeah. He was like, 'Oh, well. Whatever.'

You're not exactly self-conscious yourself. It seems like you take on more than a few edgy roles.

I guess so. That's just what I like. And I do believe in gay rights and it's cool to be part of a movie that celebrates that.