Wicked Awesome!


By Jeffrey Epstein

I like to imagine a little lesbian tension between Elphaba and Glinda in the show.
A lot of academics think that. Joe [Mantello, the show's openly gay director] basically calls it a love triangle. I think it's a platonic love. But I do think female-female relationships are complicated. Women are complicated. They get very deep and very intensely intimate with their relationships. For sure that's a formative one.

After hearing your voice back in Reefer Madness, I thought, The gay boys must have always loved her.
I have always had gay men in my life. C'mon, look at me. But more just because they're more fun than most other people. In theater school I was funny so I hung out with the funny gay guys. The singing thing has been relatively new. SNL is really a straight world. So when I sang, it was just a usable skill for sketches. The fact that I sang all the time just irritated straight people.

I read a quote where you said: 'I'm a liberal in a liberal's body.'
I played Liddy Dole way back on SNL. Because I played older conservative women a lot, some reporter asked me if I was a conservative in a liberal body. That's what that was a response to. Now it's so horrifying to me. I was born and bred a liberal hippie girl. I am practically a registered socialist.

I'm assuming that liberalism includes gay rights.
Everybody has the right to be legally bound to the person they love. As a straight person there's a great validity to marrying someone. It enrages me. Beyond. That kind of rage where I can't even talk about it.

On a less political note, how long does it take to paint you green each night'and how long to wash it off?
It takes about half an hour to get on. And I shower after the show, but I'm always pretty green along the hairline.

Wicked has some pretty dedicated fans. What's the most unusual encounter you have had with one of them?
Actually Reefer Madness fans sent me lingerie backstage. There's a line about 'he sends me lingerie' so they sent me lingerie'and cigarettes.