Project Wrong-Way


By Jeffrey Epstein

I have been a huge fan of Project Runway since the show premiered a couple years back. Aside from the ingenious competitions, catty banter, and gays galore, I adored the fact that each show's proverbial 'person you love to hate' (like Wendy Pepper or Santino Rice) got theirs in the end, while kooky Jay McCarroll and lovable Chloe Dao snagged first prize. After I lifted my jaw up off the ground following last night's season three finale, I got mad.

I realize it may be ridiculous to get mad over a TV show. It's like getting mad at your mother when she shows pictures of you naked from when you were two years old. It's futile and pointless. And really, aren't there more important things to get mad about?

Well, sure. But not right now. I'm mad because I honestly feel a little betrayed by the show.

All season long the judges have been hammering 'wearability' into the designers' heads. 'Would a real woman wear this?' was a question often asked of the designers. Yes, Jeffrey Sabelia (who won, in case you missed it) makes very interesting clothes. But are they wearable? Since I'm a guy who doesn't wear women's clothes (not that there's anything wrong with that), I did an informal survey of some of my lady friends. Unanimously, they picked the designs of finalist Uli Herzner over those of Sebelia.